How to add your ORCA card to a Wear OS Watch


HELPFUL TIPS: Before you get started, here is some helpful information about using your digital ORCA card with a Wear OS Watch.

  • To add an ORCA card to a Wear OS Watch, you must currently have a digital ORCA card loaded in Google Wallet on your Android phone.
  • Before you can add an ORCA card to your Wear OS Watch, you must have the Watch app installed on your phone and link your Android phone and your Wear OS Watch.
  • Your digital ORCA card can only be activated on one device at a time, you must transfer your digital ORCA card from your phone to your Watch. This will deactivate the ORCA card on your phone. To activate your ORCA card on your phone again, you must remove it from your watch.

Here is how to add your digital ORCA card to your Wear OS Watch:

  1. Open the Google Wallet app on your Wear OS Watch.
  2. Scroll down and tap the Add Card icon.
  3. You will be prompted to continue on your phone.

4. On the Watch app on your phone tap the “+ Add to watch” button.

5. Select ORCA from the list of available cards.

6. Tap activate to confirm and add to your watch.

7. Open Google Wallet on your Watch and scroll through the cards to find your ORCA card.

8. Swipe left on your watch to see your card balance, and most recent transaction.

9. In the same menu, swipe down to see more options:

    • Open on phone: open the full ORCA menu of options on your phone.
    • Learn how to pay: learn more about Google Pay.
    • Remove card: remove your ORCA card from your Watch and start using it on your phone again.

10. Now you’re ready to tap your Wear OS Watch to pay for transit. Unlock your watch and open the Wallet app. Then Simply hold the face of your Watch against an ORCA card reader and pay for your trip.

11. To add money or passes to your card while it is on your Watch, start by navigating to your ORCA card on your phone.

12. Swipe down and tap “open on phone”.

13. Then tap Add money or pass. Click here for more information about loading your card with Google Wallet and setting up autoloads.

14. To remove your card from your Watch, swipe down on your ORCA card on your Watch.

15. Confirm you want to remove it from your Watch.

16. Continue on your phone screen to manage your digital ORCA card on that device.