How to transfer a plastic ORCA Card to your Google Wallet


READ FIRST: Important information about transferring your plastic card to Google Wallet

  1. To convert a plastic ORCA card to your Google Wallet, you must have full access, load only, or unregistered permissions for the card.
  2. If you received your card from a business, school, institution, or a Transit Agency promotion, you may be unable to convert your card using Google Wallet due to permissions set on the business's ORCA account.
  3. When Google Wallet is launched, businesses, schools and institutions that issue ORCA cards will decide if and when their organizations are ready to allow their card holders to convert their cards to Google Wallet. Over time, ORCA will continue to work with organizations to roll out this new capability successfully. Your organization will reach out to you when Google Wallet is available for their ORCA cards.
  4. Once you complete this process, your card will be updated from a plastic card to a digital card in your myORCA account with a new card number. E-purse and passes from your plastic card will be transferred to the new card in your wallet and your plastic card will be deactivated. This means your plastic card will no longer work and you will use Google Wallet instead.
  5. If you have a RRFP card (Senior or Disabled), please keep the physical card on you to be able to use on transit as a flash pass throughout Washington state.
  6. You will also receive confirmation emails from ORCA and Google with important information regarding your account, please save this information in a safe place.  

Instructions for transferring your plastic ORCA Car to your Google Wallet

HELPFUL TIP: When you transfer an existing ORCA card to Google Wallet, your E-purse balance and passes will automatically transfer and become a new digital card in Google Wallet. Your new Google Wallet card will have a different card number assigned after conversion. When you do this, your plastic card will be deactivated and will no longer work. Keep in mind, any autoloads you had set up on your plastic card will be canceled and will need to be create a new autoload  after you convert to Google Wallet. You can set up a new autoload on app or directly within your Google Wallet.

  1. Tap the Google Wallet icon on your phone.
  2. Tap “+ Add to Wallet” button in the bottom right-hand corner
  3. Select “Transit Pass”
    Disclaimer: Visuals may vary depending on your phone manufacturer.

    Step 1-3.png

  4. Search “ORCA” “Seattle” or “Puget Sound and select ORCA
  5. Tap “Continue”

    Steps 4-5.png

  6. Select “Transfer Card”
  7. Review Activation Terms and accept by tapping “Transfer”
  8. Enter the card number in the box that says, “Printed Number” then enter your card’s three-digit security code in the box that says, “3-digit security” and tap “Confirm”

    Steps 6-8.png

    HELPFUL TIP: See the below diagram for where to find your card number (8 or 19 digits) and security code (3 digits).

    CN and SEC CODE.png

  9. If you have a registered myORCA account, you will receive an email from with your activation code. Enter your code and tap “Confirm.” You will see a confirmation screen when your card is successfully loaded.
  10. Tap “View in Wallet” to start using your card.

    Steps 9-10.png

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