Account management and myORCA registration for ORCA cards in Google Wallet


Managing your ORCA card in Google Wallet

HELPFUL TIP: Google Wallet includes account management tools for your ORCA card, including account activity, autoloads, security, and Google account preferences. You can also use this section to move the ORCA card in your Google Wallet to another Android device via your Google account.

  1. Open your Google Wallet app and tap on the ORCA card in your Google Wallet.
  2. Tap the ellipses in the upper right-hand corner of the ORCA card screen to enter the account management screen.
  3. On this screen you can:
    • Tap “Activity” to review transaction history and trips (NOTE: you will only see transactions and trips that were completed with the Google Wallet app).
    • Tap “Set up Autoload” to create an autoload to automatically reload your card when it reaches a minimum balance. (NOTE: See detailed instructions for this here).
    • Contact ORCA.
    • Link to our website for more information about ORCA.
    • View our terms of service.
    • Allow other Google services such as Maps and Assistant to display your ORCA account information.
    • Move your card to another device (NOTE: See detailed instructions for this below).
    • Delete card (NOTE: This is a permanent action. You will lose your balance and account history if your card is not registered to a myORCA account).

      Wallet account tools Steps 1-3.png

Registering your digital ORCA card on myORCA

HELPFUL TIP: We strongly recommend you register your new digital ORCA card with a myORCA account on our website or with our app. This will give you access to additional security, transaction history, notification and account management features and allow ORCA customer support to assist you in the event you lose access to your phone or Google account.

How to register your card with the myORCA app

If you have not already done so, download the myORCA app on your phone and create a new account. (NOTE: Detailed instructions for this step are available here

  1. Once you are logged into the myORCA app on your phone, tap “Link my ORCA card”.
  2. Find your ORCA card number and security code in Google Wallet by tapping on the ellipses on the ORCA card screen. Tap and hold over the number to copy.

    Copy Card Wallet To myORCA Step 1-2.png

    HELPFUL TIP: You will see a 19-digit number followed by a dash and 3 additional numbers. The first 19 digits are the card number, and the last three digits are the security code. When you copy the number from Google Wallet both the card number and security code will be copied together. Make sure you delete the dash and the last three digits when entering your card number in myORCA app, then enter the last three digits into the security code field.)

  3. Paste only the 19-digit portion of the number into the Card Number field in your myORCA app, then type in your three-digit security code into the Security Code field.
  4. You do not need to enter a balance protection code.
  5. Scroll down to enter a card nickname and tap “Submit” .
  6. Tap “View My Card” on the confirmation screen to see your card in the myORCA app.

    Enter eallet card info to myORCA app.png

HELPFUL TIP: Now you can manage multiple cards, access additional account management, notification, and security features, you can also log in to the website and access your account information if you lose access to your phone or Google account.

HELPFUL TIP: You must have an ORCA card in your Google Wallet to pay for transit trips with your phone. myORCA is an account management tool and does not allow you to pay with your phone.

How to transfer a digital ORCA card to a different Android device

Read our article about transferring a digital ORCA card to a different Android device here.

How to permanently delete an ORCA card in your Google Wallet

You can permanently delete your ORCA card from Google Wallet by selecting delete in the ORCA card settings within Google Wallet. Only do this if you wish to permanently delete the card. Once you do this any money or passes will be lost and can only be recovered by contacting ORCA customer service with your ORCA card number and security code. Recovering your balance may be subject to refund fees and purchase price of a new card.

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