How to add money, passes and autoloads to an ORCA card in Google Wallet


Once you have added an ORCA card to your Google Wallet, you can add money (E-purse) and passes to pay for trips directly through your Google Wallet app. Here’s how:

HELPFUL TIP: Make sure you have a payment method already added to your Google Wallet app. If you need to add a debit or credit card, you can follow instructions from Google here

  1. Open Google Wallet and tap “ORCA Card” (Your card name may be different depending on your card type)
  2. Tap “Add money or Pass”

    Load Card Steps 1-2.png

Adding money (E-purse value)

  1. Tap “Add money”
  2. Select a credit or debit card from your Google Wallet from the payment method box or add a new one and enter the amount you want to add to your ORCA card and tap “Continue.”

    HELPFUL TIP: Minimum load amount is $5.00 and total balance after the load may not exceed $400.00. The amount you load cannot contain decimals (e.g. $2.50).

  3. Enter your payment method security code (not shown in instructions).
  4. Review your choices and tap “Buy” and the funds are instantly available to use.

    Load money Steps 1-4.png

Adding a pass

  1. Tap “Add a pass”
  2. Choose the type of pass you wish to purchase. (In this example we will purchase a Regional Day pass).

    HELPFUL TIPS: Regional passes work on all participating ORCA transit agencies, except on Washington State Ferries and some special trips. Single agency passes work only for trips with that agency. Please note, some Agency-specific passes can only be purchased with certain cards and permissions. E-purse value on the google Wallet cannot be used to purchase passes. Day passes can be found by selecting Regional Pass. Monthly passes are valid for a calendar month and expire on the last day of the month. You can only purchase a monthly pass between the 1st and the 15th of that current month. Starting on the 16th, you will only be able to purchase a monthly pass for the following calendar month. For more information about passes and pricing, visit our page about adding value.

  3. Enter your payment method security code (not shown in instructions).
  4. Review your choices and tap “Buy” and the pass is instantly available to use.

    Load Passes Step 1-4.png

Setting up an autoload

HELPFUL TIPS: If you added your plastic card to your Google Wallet, the plastic card will be deactivated and any autoloads you previously set up will transfer over to your new digital card. Your card balance and any passes loaded to your card will automatically transfer to the new digital card in Google Wallet as well.

There are now two ways you can set up an autoload on your digital ORCA card:

  1. Through or the myORCA app (Money/E-purse and Regional/agency autoload options)
  2. Through your Google Wallet app (Money/E-purse autoload thresholds only)

You can only have one autoload on your card at a time, created and managed either on app, or through the Google Wallet app.

If you have a account, you can create and manage your autoload via this account on or through the myORCA app. There are more customizable autoload options if you choose to create an autoload this way. Learn more and how to set up an autoload on myORCA in this video

How to set up a new autoload in Google Wallet:

  1. Open Google Wallet and tap “ORCA Virtual Card”
  2. Tap the ellipses in the upper right-hand corner of the ORCA home screen.
  3. Tap “Set up autoload”
  4. Select your payment method, the amount you want to add and the minimum balance when the autoload will automatically happen.
  5. Select “Autoload notifications” to receive notifications when your ORCA card is reloaded.
  6. Tap “Turn on autoload” to save your autoload preferences.

    Autoload Steps 1-6.png

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