How to pay for trips with an ORCA card using Google Pay


How to pay for trips with an ORCA card using Google Pay


HELPFUL TIP: Once you have added an ORCA card to your Google Wallet, you can use it just like a plastic ORCA card to pay for transit trips with Google Pay. Here’s how:  

  1. Wake up or unlock your phone screen (you don’t need to open Google Wallet).
  2. Tap your phone on an ORCA card reader – that’s it!

If the volume on your phone is on, you will hear a “boop” sound and see a green checkmark on the device, indicating a successful tap. You may encounter a tap error if you tap too quickly, simply tap the phone again to achieve a successful tap checkmark.



  1. Your Android device will always show a checkmark when tapping to confirm a successful tap, but always pay attention to the card reader or other ORCA reader device screen to make sure there are no other errors.
  2. You can set up your phone to allow for taps to occur by just waking up your phone screen, without needing to unlock your phone every time. You can see how to do this here.  If you add your ORCA card to a WearOS device, it always need to be unlocked to tap.
  3. Google has additional information and a guide for how to use transportation passes like the ORCA card in Google Wallet here
  4. Trains, buses, passenger ferries and water taxis may have different ORCA card readers, but they all work with the ORCA card in your Google Wallet. Here is more information about what to look for:

Tap on ORCA on Google Pay.png

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