Using pre-tax deductions in your ORCA program (Business Accounts)


What is the pre-tax option? 

Employers who load value using pre-tax paycheck deductions may select the pre-tax option so the funds can not be transferred to another card. 

How do you designate an E-purse order as pre-tax? 

There is a box you can check in the Shopping cart after adding value to the card. You may view whether it is enabled by selecting "Account Settings" from the "Administration" drop down in the top menu. The pre-tax setting will need to be enabled by your lead agency first, please contact your lead agency for assistance with making changes to this option on your account. 

Can an ORCA card have both pre-tax and non-pre-tax funds on it, and if so which balance is spent first? 

Yes, an ORCA card can be loaded with pre-tax and non-pre-tax funds. The $400 purse limit will apply for the combined total of the two. Pre-tax funds get spent down first if a card has a mix of both pre-tax and non-pre-tax E-purse funds.