Ordering and managing ORCA cards (Business Accounts)


Do I need to replace all my account's legacy blue ORCA cards with the new black ORCA cards? 

No, legacy but cards will continue to work in the new ORCA system. The only functionality that legacy blue cards will not have is users will not be able to reload their cards at some retail stores.

If you have card holders who use the retail network to purchase products, starting in Fall 2022, those users will need the new black ORCA cards.

Legacy blue card holders will still be able to load passes and funds to their cards on the myORCA.com website, or the myORCA app for Android and the myORCA app for Apple devices, and at vending machines and transit customer service locations across the Puget Sound Region. 

For more information about who needs a new card watch this short YouTube video: ORCA at Retail: Who needs a new card?

When will the new black ORCA cards be available? 

The new cards will start rolling out to the public in Fall 2022 via vending machines, retail locations and transit customer service locations. Classic blue cards will continue to work for riding transit, and can continue to be reloaded except at some retail stores. 

New cards will be the same price as the classic blue cards - $3 for adult cards and $0 for the first card issued to reduced fare customers. 

Do you still need to pay $0.50 extra for a card logo? 

There will no longer be a fee for card logos.

How do I get my businesses' logo printed on the back of the ORCA cards we order? 

Business logos were not migrated over from orcacard.biz. You will need to send an updated logo file to us, otherwise your cards orders will be sent without your logo. Please contact your lead agent or business account manager for instructions on how to send your logo file.

Can names be associated with our ORCA cards now?

Yes, this is a new, optional feature to help you keep track of who has been issued a card at your business. 

We have some blank classic blue ORCA cards that have never been used. Can we still assign and use those cards? 

Yes, you can. The classic blue cards will remain active before, during and after the transition to the new ORCA system. 

Can we create card groups?

Yes, if you had an account on orcacard.biz, your groups were migrated to your new account. You can continue to create and manage new groups in your new myORCA.com login. 

What is the process for disassociating a card from the business account? For example, if a participant leaves the organization but wants to keep their ORCA card for personal use because they added funds, passes or products to it? 

Existing cards will migrate to your myORCA.com account as "Linked" cards. You may remove a card from your account to allow the employee to keep the card for personal use. Removing a card will remove the Passport product and leave any E-purse balance or passes that have already been loaded, for example a monthly pass. 

Can I associate an employee-purchased ORCA card to the business account? 

Yes, an employee's existing card can be linked to the business account. The business will have load only access to the card. If the employee loses the card, the employee will be responsible for requesting a card block or replacement. 

What is locking and unlocking an ORCA card? 

The lock and unlock features of the new ORCA system are the same as blocking and unblocking cards in the old ORCA system. Locking the card temporarily blocks the card from use, until it is unlocked by a business account administrator. 

If funds are transferred from one card to another, does it permanently "close" the card in the new ORCA system? 

No, the new system will allow you to transfer all or part of the E-Purse balance easily between cards without closing the card. However, replacing a card will permanently close the card being replaced. The transfer balance feature will be available in future product releases. If you need assistance with this please contact your business account representative for assistance.