What fare programs are available with the ORCA card?


Which ORCA card is right for me? 

There is an ORCA card for everyone. Watch our video Find the right ORCA card for you! (2:57).

Can you provide an overview of fare programs available on the ORCA card? 

To find a chart that shows a summary of our fare programs, Click there, then scroll down and click "View Our Program Guide"..

What is the ORCA adult card and who is it for? 

Adult cards are the standard fare card for people ages 19-64. Learn more about the Adult ORCA card

What is the ORCA youth card and who is it for?

The ORCA youth card is for youth ages 6-18. Transit is now FREE for youth. Simply use your existing ORCA card, show a K-12 Student ID, or simply board. Read more about the ORCA youth program here.

Do children five and under need to pay for transit? 

Children five and under ride free with a paying adult, systemwide. 

What is the ORCA LIFT card and who is it for? 

ORCA LIFT offers lower fares for customers with lower incomes. Find out if you qualify and how to get an ORCA LIFT card

What is the Senior Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) ORCA card and who is it for? 

The Senior RRFP ORCA card offers lower fares for customers ages 65 and older. Learn more about the Senior RRFP ORCA card.

What is the Disabled RRFP ORCA card and who is it for? 

The Disabled RRFP ORCA card offers lower fares for customers with disabilities or who are enrolled in medicare. Learn more about the Disabled RRFP ORCA card.

What is the ORCA annual subsidized pass and who is it for? 

The ORCA subsidized annual pass offers customers in certain state benefit programs free fare on public transportation. Learn more about the ORCA subsidized annual pass

What fare programs are available through employers and schools?

ORCA offers flexible programs for your business, school or organization.

Attract and retain employees with competitive benefits, offer sustainable mobility options and take advantage of transportation tax deductions. Learn more about ORCA business programs

I am visiting the Seattle area as a tourist, what transit passes are available for shorter visits? 

ORCA offers an all day regional pass which is good for Adult fares up to $3.50 when loaded on the ORCA card. For eligible senior, disabled or low income riders, the pass is good for fares up to $1.75. Additional fare is required for one way trip fare higher than $3.50 adult / $1.75 reduced fare.

To get an all day regional pass, visit a vending machine, transit customer service location, or order one in advance at myORCA.com

Customers should consider adding additional E-purse (money) to their cards if they plan to use higher cost transit services like Sounder rail or regional bus lines. See our pricing sheet for more information.