Managing your ORCA card(s) at


What are the benefits of creating an account and register my card on 

When you create an account and link your card with or the myORCA app, you can manage your card and load value from anywhere 24/7. 

You can also protect your balance by blocking your card from use and in the event of a lost or stolen card, you can request a new card with your balance and products on it. 

There are many other benefits of having a myORCA account, including setting up autoloads, managing multiple cards, and more. 

Watch this video to learn how to create a new account on (2:02).

Can I manage multiple ORCA cards on the same myORCA account?

Yes, you can register and manage multiple ORCA cards on one account. Now you can name each card, move funds between cards (with full access permission), set up autoloads and more. 

How do I add a payment method, like a credit card to my myORCA account? 

  1. Login to your account. On the Home Screen, navigate to the left-hand side of the webpage and click "payment settings".
  2. Or, in the upper right-hand corner under shopping card, you may see a person icon. If you click this a menu will come up where you can click payment settings.
  3. You will then be taken to the payment setting screen, where on the right hand corner you can click "add a new payment method".
  4. Then you can name your payment method and select if you would like it to be the primary, default payment method.

Read more about how to set up a payment method, or watch our video on setting up payment methods and autoloads (1:56).

What is an autoload and how can I set one up? 

An autoload allows you to automatically top you your card with E-purse value on a specific day of the month, or when you reach a certain minimum balance, like $3 for example. You can also automatically purchase your monthly pass each month. 

Setting up an autoload is the best way to make sure you always have fare and are transit ready. 

You must have a myORCA account and a valid payment method saved to set up an autoload. Watch our video on setting up payment methods and autoloads (1:56).

Can I register and load funds on my my school or employer-issued ORCA card with

Yes, you can register your card, but will have limited permissions. You will be able to add funds and products, and see your trip history. 

What if I forgot my password? 

If you forgot your password you can answer one of two security questions you selected when you signed up for your account. If you forget these, call us at 888-988-6722 for assistance accessing your account.

What is the difference between full access and load only permission on an ORCA card? 

Full access permissions are given to the one (1) ORCA account that is the first to link to an ORCA card using the card's security code. Only they can have full access permissions and are able to fully manage that card. Load only permissionsare given to ORCA accounts that either 1) link without a security code, or 2) link with a security code, but the card has already given full access permissions to another account. View and management of the card is limited.

What is a balance protection code? 

Balance protection code is an optional security feature. For most cards, it is the ZIP code associated with your account. If you don't have one you can leave this field blank.