Paying for transit with your ORCA card


How do I pay for transit with my ORCA card?

Tap your ORCA card on a card reader before you board. The process varies slightly depending on what transit system you are boarding, so here is a breakdown of how it works below. 

How do I tap my ORCA card to ride a bus? 

Tap your card as you are boarding on the card reader inside.Screen_Shot_2022-09-19_at_3.47.50_PM.png

How do I tap my ORCA card to ride Link light rail, RapidRide, Swift, the Sounder commuter train and the Seattle street car? 
Tap your card before boarding on a yellow card reader outside or on the platform before you board. When you exit Link and Sounder be sure to tap your ORCA card as you leave the station to complete your trip.
How do I tap my ORCA card to ride the Water Taxi, the Seattle Center Monorail, Via to Transit or Trailhead Direct routes? 
The loading agent or cashier will note or scan your card before you board.