Getting started with the ORCA card


What is the ORCA card? 

The ORCA card is a regional transit card that can be used on many of the transit agencies in the Seattle-Tacoma metro area. In short, the ORCA card is how the Puget Sound gets around on public transit. From buses, trains, and ferries, you can use the ORCA card to pay fares and transfer seamlessly. For more information about using the ORCA card, visit our informational customer website

What transit agencies accept the ORCA card? 

  1. Community Transit
  2. Everett Transit 
  3. King County Metro 
  4. Kitsap Transit 
  5. Pierce Transit 
  6. Sound Transit 
  7. Washington State Ferries

You can also use the ORCA card on the Seattle Center Monorail and the Seattle Streetcar

What modes of transportation can you use the ORCA card on? 

  1. Bus
  2. Ferry
  3. Link Light Rail 
  4. Monorail 
  5. Sounder Train
  6. Seattle Street Car
  7. Water Taxi

Where can I get an ORCA card and add value or passes? 

There are many options for getting a new ORCA card or reloading your existing card:

  • Create an account, order a card and add value at 
  • Download the myORCA app for iPhone or Android
  • In person at a store, vending machine or customer service location here.
  • Call us at 888-988-6722 / TTY: 711, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; closed weekends and holidays.
  • Order by mail by sending this application form to: 

        ORCA Regional Mail Center
        KSC TR-0108
        201 S. Jackson St.
        Seattle, WA 98104

What fare products can I add to my ORCA card? 

With the ORCA card, you have options to pay your fare: 

  • Add up to $400 in cash value with E-purse
  • Buy a regional daily or monthly pass
  • Chose from an agency specific pass

Download the price list here

Watch our video Adding value to your ORCA card online (1:01) to learn more about loading your ORCA card. 

What are the benefits of creating an account and register my card on 

When you create an account and link your card with or the myORCA app, you can manage your card and load value from anywhere 24/7. 

You can also protect your balance by blocking your card from use and in the event of a lost or stolen card, you can request a new card with your balance and products on it. 

There are many other benefits of having a myORCA account, including setting up autoloads, managing multiple cards, and more. 

Watch this video to learn how to create a new account on (2:02).