Answers to top troubleshooting topics


Can’t access or login to my account

Account information from did not transfer to You will need to create a new account using your email, and then link your current card to view your balance online. Watch this video that shows how to do this.

I forgot my password to or myORCA app

You can reset your password on your own by clicking "Need help signing in" on the login page. Enter the email associated with your account and we will send you a password reset link. Once you click the link you will be promoted to answer the security question answers that you provided when you set up your account, then enter a new password. 

I forgot or am having problems with my security answers

The website and myORCA app may ask for answers to your security questions, for example when you reset your password or login from a new device.

If you can not remember your security questions, or the answers you enter are not allowing you to login, please contact ORCA customer service during normal business hours at 888-988-6722. A customer service representative can help verify your account and enter new security questions for your account. 

Security questions and password issues with my new account

We have received some reports of the security questions and/or password selection crashing when registering a new account. Please be sure to follow the stated instructions and let ORCA customer service know if the problem continues. Also, check and make sure there are no extra spaces when creating your security question answers.

Cant find where to log out of my account

You can log out by clicking Sign Out in the upper left hand corner of the window.

Can’t see my balance or passes on my employer or school-issued card

There are two types of card access: full access and load only. When your employer or school provides a card to you and they load funds or passes on it for you, they own the card and typically have full access rights to the card. Currently, only one person can have full access level per card, but we’ve heard from customers that they would like to see this information and we’re looking into a solution for this. Customers who want to have full access to their own card can purchase a new card and link it to their account.

Some cards may have negative balances

There are riders that rely on card readers to know their ORCA card balance. Right now, card readers do not show this information when you tap. This feature will come back to the readers later this summer.

During this ongoing transition you can check your ORCA card balance using one of these alternatives:

  • ORCA ticket vending machines
  • myORCA mobile app
  • ORCA Customer Service (in-person or over the phone)

To avoid running out of funds or having your card blocked for having a negative balance, please remember to check your balance using the alternatives listed above and add value as needed or set up an autoload so you don’t run out of funds.

Trouble adding a payment method

Adding a payment method to a new account has been tricky for some customers.

On the website: the link to add a payment method is on the left sidebar. This is illustrated here.

On the app: The link to add a payment method is on the bottom bar. This is illustrated here.

And please remember, you must add a payment method before you set an autoload. Watch a video on how to set up an autoload here. 

Do I need to get a new card?

No, all cards will continue to work in the new system. Keep tapping your current card!

Some verification and sign-up emails are arriving late

Some customers are having to wait a long time, hours in some cases, to receive verification emails from the new website or app when registering an account. We have found that this is mostly impacting Yahoo or AOL email addresses. The emails WILL eventually reach your inbox. The delays are decreasing and should continue to improve as the week progresses.

Some cards simply aren’t working

There have been reports of cards not working properly on some or all card readers. Please keep tapping like normal.We are aware of the issue and we hope to have a fix soon.