What is new with ORCA?


What is new with ORCA? 

The new and improved ORCA is an upgraded version of the ORCA fare payment system that has been used for over 15 years by transit agencies in the Puget Sound region. The launch of the new ORCA system started with the roll out of the new myORCA.com website and myORCA apps for Apple and Android devices in May 2022. ORCA will continue to see new features added over time as we continue to roll out the new system. Visit info.myORCA.com and click "Get Updates" in the upper right hand corner to sign up for our newsletter, or follow us @TheORCACard on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to get the latest information about updates, changes and improvements to the ORCA system. 

Why were the changes made?

ORCA customers and transit riders were asked to comment on the current ORCA system. Over 2,600 people responded. Customers confirmed that ORCA has made traveling throughout the region easier. The feedback we received from the survey led us to keep the things customers and add new features that will make paying for transit easier and more accessible, region-wide.

What are the new features and benefits of the new ORCA system, and when will they be delivered?  

  • New card readers, vending machines and customer service equipment, system-wide (Available now!)
  • Instantly load value and products to your ORCA account (Available now!)
  • Feature an improved website and the myORCA app for Android and Apple devices that makes it easier to manage your account from anywhere, 24/7 (Available now!)
  • Offer more retail locations to buy ORCA cards and add value (starting in Fall 2022)
  • New, redesigned ORCA cards (starting in Fall 2022)
  • Offer tap to pay your fare with iOS and Android devices (starting in 2023)

Do I need to replace my ORCA card to use the new system? 

With the new and improved ORCA system, you have the flexibility to keep using the card you have. Most retail stores will continue to accept classic blue ORCA cards, as well as older Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) cards. To find out more about what stores will continue to load blue ORCA cards, visit to visit our informational web page about the new ORCA retail network.

Can I share an ORCA card with someone to ride on the same trip together? 

If you share an ORCA card with someone, each rider will now need their own card to ride transit. Group fares for school trips and caregivers will still be available.

I get my card from my school or employer, do I need to do anything? 

No, but if desired, you can connect it to the myORCA website and app if you wish to load additional products or purse value in addition to what is provided by your employer.