Learn more about new bulk action features (Business Accounts)


What are bulk actions? 

Bulk actions allow ORCA business account administrators to apply actions to multiple cards at the same time, like ordering passes, adding participants, setting up autoloads and more. This helps save time so you don't have to take actions one at a time for each ORCA card. 

What bulk actions are available on myORCA.com? 

The new site has 17 different types of bulk actions: 

  1. Managing participants: add participants, update participants, remove participants, add cards to participants. 
  2. Managing cards: lock cards, unlock cards, add cards, remove cards. 
  3. Managing products, passes and autoloads: add money, add passes, add multiple products to multiple cards, add autoloads, edit autoloads, remove autoloads, pause autoloads, resume autoloads. 
  4. Managing groups: add participants to group, remove participants from group

How do I create a bulk action?

  1. Login to your business account at myORCA.com.
  2. On the top menu, click "Bulk actions"
  3. From the left hand menu, select the type of bulk action you want to do.
  4. Create your .csv file, following the instructions for the bulk action you are taking on the screen. 
  5. Upload your .csv file by clicking on "Upload a file" 
  6. Check to see if there are any errors in the review data section

Can you add participant names  in bulk to existing cards?

Yes, once the existing cards in your account migrate to the new site at launch, you will be able to use a .csv file in bulk actions to add participants to existing cards. 

Can I order cards in bulk for our employees? 

Yes, you can still order cards in bulk quantities.

For more tips and information about bulk actions, see our article: Bulk actions tips and tricks