More information about how E-Purse (adding money) to ORCA cards (Business Accounts)


Does E-purse stay active in the new ORCA system even if the card is not tapped within 60 days? 

Yes, all products and E-purse amounts will be loaded in real time, automatically. There will no longer be expired work orders or a waiting period. 

Did expired E-purse value migrate to the new ORCA system? 

No. Expired E-purse value did not migrate over to the new ORCA system. In the past, E-Purse orders would expired if the ORCA card was not tapped within 60 days of the order. Please reach out to your business account representative or the business lead agent if you have questions about this. 

What is the maximum amount of E-purse balance on an ORCA card? 

The maximum balance for E-purse is now $400. Orders that add value exceeding this balance will not be processed. 

Can businesses block their card holders from adding funds to their E-purse or other products in the new ORCA system? 

No, you will not be able to stop or limit value adds from the card holder. Be sure to check card balances from time to time for value adds in addition to the ones you order.