Tips for account administrators about the new ORCA system (Business Accounts)


How do I log into my account on the new website? 

We sent an email to the primary contact (Business Account Contact 1) listed in our old website Use this email to complete the steps for accessing your account for the first time on If you did not receive an email or need help with this, please contact your lead agent or business account manager. 

In the new account management website, what permissions can be set for each user?

There are two types of users: 

  1. Super admins: have full access to the account and can assign permissions for all users including admins as well as manage the account settings for your business. There is only one super admin, which must be set up at the time you first access your account at
  2. Admins: can access the account to view card information and place orders. 

Does my business need separate logins for Choice and Passport customers? 

Yes, you will need a unique email for each business account. This also applies if you manage more than one ORCA Passport or Choice account. If you currently use the same email address to manage multiple accounts, you will need to use another unique email for the other business accounts you manage.